We all want the best start in life for our children and the things you do together now will set them up for life.

By talking, singing, reading, and playing with your baby you are helping them build the emotional and early literacy skills they need for future success and happiness.

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Libraries support you on that journey together in lots of ways by providing:

  • A safe and trusted space for you and your little one to explore together.
  • Advice on how sharing books together helps you and your baby to bond and helps them to develop vital early literacy skills.
  • Access to a wide range of free, quality books for babies and for the whole family. From advice on weaning, sleep training, or just a great story.
  • Free Wi-fi and PCs as well as digital support and signposting to other support services in the community.
  • A way to connect with other new parents through Bookbug sessions and other free activities – we know that being a new parent can be an overwhelming and often lonely time.
  • Access to E-Books, E-Audio & E-Magazines.

The Every Child a Library Member programme has made it even easier for you to join the library, you can now sign up for library membership when you register the birth of your baby.

We will be on hand throughout your child’s reading journey to offer advice and support and provide access to a world of books, learning and fun.

For more tips on reading, playing, talking, and singing with your baby visit:

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