ECALM – Digital

Children and families are becoming increasingly engaged in blended learning styles using physical and digital resources to support both attainment and leisure activities. There is a need for all services to have a strong digital offer to connect with communities and promote all the library has to offer. In many cases, particularly in rural locations, access to the physical library building is not possible therefore it is crucial that there is a strong digital and outreach offer for ECALM.

In order to build the ECALM brand it is important that it features prominently on library service websites and includes key information on the programme at both a national and local level.

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  • A simple online joining process for ECALM
  • Promote the library as a FREE service offering FREE family activities.
  • Information on key delivery partners
  • Information for early years/ schools
  • Key messaging and benefits of early library membership
  • Links to online collections
  • ECALM page clearly links to children’s activities

A suite of social media and marketing assets is provided as part of this toolkit.

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