ECALM Champion's role

The role of the ECALM champion is to act as the point of liaison for ECALM both with SLIC and within their library service and locality.

The ECALM champion’s role is to raise the profile of the programme both within the service and out in the wider community, and to develop the partnerships that support this and help to embed ECALM into the children’s library service offer

  • To ensure that frontline library staff are aware of ECALM and the processes in place for processing memberships and recording data.
  • To ensure that key messaging about ECALM is embedded in all children’s activities and programmes.
  • Brief staff on the importance of the first visit in welcoming new members and ensure that ECALM branding is displayed prominently.
  • To develop and maintain relationships with key delivery partners.
  • Identify appropriate training partners where necessary, for example around working with vulnerable families.
  • To ensure that data collection documentation and processes are in place for all ECALM delivery partners.
  • To identify opportunities for outreach and community engagement around ECALM.
  • To submit data as required to SLIC.
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