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Key actions for success

These actions will create the conditions necessary to successfully embed ECALM in children and young people’s library services and deliver a more consistent and sustainable approach across Scotland. They have been drawn from observations and feedback received during site visits to libraries across Scotland and through consultation with key delivery partners.

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  • 1Embed ECALM in library service improvement plans to underpin the core library offer for children across Scotland.
  • 2Designate an ECALM champion in each authority who is responsible for the development of the ECALM offer.
  • 3Strengthen advocacy and develop partnership agreements and data sharing protocols where applicable with key delivery partners.
  • 4Develop a strong digital offer for children and families with a simplified online joining process.
  • 5Embed key messaging around ECALM and library membership and usage in Bookbug sessions and all other children’s activities and programmes.
  • 6Set ambitious targets for ECALM sign ups and report on a set of core measures that are consistent across all 32 authorities.
  • 7Participate in an annual promotion of ECALM during libraries week, with a national sign up to the library day.
  • 8Adopt the National Delivery Pathway for ECALM.
  • 9Promote library as a free service which offers equity.
  • 10All services to offer membership at birth registration.
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