Birth Registration Appointment

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Why engage at the birth registration appointment?

The birth registration appointment offers the most effective way of reaching all parents and once established offers a sustainable approach. Successful partnerships between libraries and registrars depend on good communication between the two services and a shared understanding of the goals of ECALM. Agreement on a clear and simple procedure, and one that places convenience for parents at the centre, is also key to success. Advocacy documents which can be used to engage with registrars and parents can be found in the resources section.

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Preferred Method

Evidence has shown that the ECALM offer is most effective when parents receive a library card at the birth registration appointment. These can be preloaded cards that are then populated with the data received from registrars and activated ahead of the first visit. It is important that all parents are offered the option to opt into library membership for their baby and that data sharing protocols are shared in advance. In order to avoid duplication for parents, it is recommended that membership forms be avoided. To assist with planning and to monitor uptake it is useful to look at the monthly birth rates for your council area which are published by the National Records of Scotland.

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