ECALM Toolkit

This toolkit has been created to provide library services with a practical step-by-step guide to engage with key stakeholders and develop the processes to successfully implement ECALM and create a sustainable and universal library offer for children in Scotland. Not only does the programme aim to register every child in Scotland as a member but also to retain active and engaged library users, support family learning and reduce the poverty related attainment gap.

The delivery of the Every Child a Library Member (ECALM) programme is the first collaborative action of Forward: Scotland’s Public Library strategy 2021-25 and underpins Strategic Aim 1.1

Embed libraries as lead contributors to reading and literacy by closing the learning gap in communities, through national programmes and local initiatives.

ECALM will be delivered successfully through the National 5 Step Delivery Pathway. It sets how to create the conditions to embed ECALM, the three key touch points for library membership and the importance of collecting and regularly reviewing data.

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5 Step Delivery Pathway for ECALM

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